DEMRIC Project kick-off meeting was held in Istanbul-Turkey at 19-20 November 2012.
The objectives of the kick-off meeting were;
To explore the possibilities offered by the Lifelong Learning Program and the spirit of it (mutual understanding, respect, tolerance, dialogue, active citizenship.),
To underline the importance of projects for disadvantaged groups,
To define agreed time scale and deadline for each work package,
To define agreed roles of partner organizations for each work package,
To create Project Management Group which includes the managers/coordinators of each partner,
To discuss budget and payment methods,
To discuss project outputs,
To learn details of transferred project and adaptable outputs,
To visit a sample adults education centre.




DEMRIC Project second management meeting was held in Nykoping-Sweden at 20-21 May 2013.
Each partner presented the researched situation in their countries. Researches were about business and technology characteristics of enterprises and social development context. This report introduced and described training services and learning opportunities. Those reports included national unemployment rate with country statistics, ICT usage details, description of industry and national strategy for sustainable development in partner countries.
According to the training need analysis questionnaire results and situation of employment report, 6 most wanted and related courses were selected by the project consortium. Those are:
1. Social skills and communication (designed by P1-DE)
2. Business finance (designed by P2-UK)
3. Project management (designed by P3-SE)
4. Information technologies (designed by P7-TR)
5. Powerpoint applications (designed by P4-TR)
6. Excel application (designed by P0-TR)
As a result of the meeting, P0, P1, P2 and P3 will make preparations for training program for technicians / officers until June 2013.



DEMRIC Project third management meeting was held in Erlangen-Germany at 21-22 October 2013. Each partner presented curriculum at morning session. According to brain storming discussion, curriculums of some courses will be changed.
- For internet technologies: Half of the curriculum is deeply related with the hardware. It is better to focus on the most know internet applications that are useful for SMEs and officers to prepare or manage their task.
- For presentation: can be an alternative for MS Office. It is better to teach Prezi applications under presentation course.
- For communication: FAU ILI showed the details of communication course design but they will also finalize it with more details about soft skills and negotiations.
Creating web-based training materials discussed deeply. Each partner will send the final format of the course content as a word file to Totem Learning in December. After that, Totem Learning will create b-learning materials with simple animations, images and screen captures.



DEMRIC Project fourth management meeting was held in Coventry-UK at 24-25 April 2014. SSU-TR representatives informed all partners about interim report process. Interim report was accepted with small changes in the financial report Each partner presented the results of the training courses. According to the result, total learners size is 166 people. Here are breakdowns of the group size: TR: 76 people DE: 50 people UK: 20 people SE: 20 poeple Final design of the participation certificate showed by P0-TR. It was prepared in Turkish and English. Other partners can also use the layout to design in national languages. Totem Learning (UK) showed the final format of the educational serious game created for the Demric project. Each partner will use it (English or Turkish format) for the learners who are technicians, officer, project managers from different sectors. Swedish TelePedagogic Center showed the design and training details of PMC course. It was online training course from Turkish and Swedish



DEMRIC Project final meeting was held in Sakarya-Tuekey at 26-27 April 2014. Demric Project final meeting started with aconference about “Effectiveness of Blended Learning Model Design”. Keynote speakers were Prof. Huseyin EKIZ, Prof. Mustafa TURAN, Prof. Paul HELD, Dr. Kennet LINDQUIST and Joe WATSON. Each partner presented the project progress about design of the products, pilot training, evaluation of the training and dissemination. Preparation of the final report (tasks to prepare final report on time) discussed and administrational part of the report, financial part of the report, outputs check, staff cost declaration, subsistance cost decleration and other documents started to create during the meeting.

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