Investigations show that the formal education system and industry represent two different cultures. One of the reasons for this is a lack of contact and collaboration. They know little about each other’s possibilities and weak sides, and little about what can be offered both ways. On the other hand, people work in sector need to learn new subjects because of rapid change of the technology and there is also an increasing demand for training from sector.

DEMRIC project is proposed due to the current needs for providing efficient training to the technicians / officers collectively, as a significant component in the development of competitive economies. Difficulties, as determined by previous contacts of the promoter partner with sector, arise from the realities such as scarcity of personal and technical resources, increased daily expenses, heavy working life, etc. for ensuring massive participation in the training activities arranged for a limited time and certain locations. These needs imply a new qualification concept as well as developing a common flexible training curriculum to meet these needs. Within the project, blended training programmes will be designed and implemented for target groups in the following schedule:

- Blended training programs for technicians / engineers
- Blended training programs for officers

Each program comprises three training program, thus amounting to nine training programs. The curriculum and contents for the training programs are explained in detail in the related chapter of the proposed project.

The project has a very strong partnership structure with eight partners from four different countries (TR, DE, UK, SE). The local partners are NGO /chamber or local authorities, while the foreign partners are specialist on either adult education or web based educations. The new project will transfer the results of "DELID - Developing eLearning in Dialogue" project [D/06/B/F/PP-146525].
The outcomes can be summarized as:

- Establish communication with industry for this collaboration purpose through a joint process to analyse the training needs. 
- Tailor-made training programmes for industry according to requests and need but within accepted frames for education. 
- Implementing six training programmes for sector. 
- Create a good example of collaboration of universities, sectors and society.

Valorisation will be an essential part of the project in integrating the proposed training form to sector. The fact that all partners are well experienced and directly related with the target groups (SMEs and Chamber). Partners will contribute to the success and sustainability of the project. Locally in each country there will be a regional development and company development aspect as well. Partnership has enough power and intention to sustain the project even after the project end.



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